Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks Anti Fatigue Compression Sleeve

Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks Anti Fatigue Compression Sleeve for everyday use, work and physical activities including training, running, walking, cycling, basketball, baseball and more. Compression Socks For Man and Women.

Intelligent arch support targets the stress and strain points of your foot with plantar fasciitis socks


Benefits of Wearing Plantar Fasciitis Compression Socks Anti Fatigue Compression Sleeve

-Protection and treatment of leg fatigue, muscle endurance, calf pain, leg swelling, injury, dirt, warmth

-Helps boost circulation,

-Thin, comfortable and discreet,

-Breathable fabric keeps feet dry,

Made of Spandex and Micro-Nylon, Soft, Moisture-Wicking Fabric: It is lightweight, breathable, flexible and comfortable; Anti-slip Socks; Wash with similar colors, Wash separately, Hand wash and machine wash.

2 SOCKS/SLEEVES INCLUDED and Available in 3 sizes -. 

  • GIVE YOUR FEET WINGS! Offer your feet all the comfort and protection they need and take your performance to record levels with our pro-grade ankle compression sleeves! Enhance your STRENGTH, BALANCE, and MOBILITY, ALLEVIATE PAIN from plantar fasciitis and ease impact caused by sports with these premium plantar fasciitis sleeves!
  • SMART DESIGN! Why resort to pads, inserts, wraps and flat feet insoles when you can enjoy TOP comfort with these ankle support braces? They hug protectively your ankle, exerting compression on the HEEL, ARCH and ANKLE preventing swelling caused by long hour standing or working out and are THIN ENOUGH to be worn alone or under your normal socks ALL DAY LONG!
  • A GREAT REHAB AID! A MUST-HAVE for chronic conditions treatment, these compression socks help keep pain at bay, boosting your stamina and speeding up rapid recovery. Reducing swelling caused by muscle and tendon injuries, our foot sleeves allow FULL RANGE of movement, making the best Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis or ankle sprain socks!
  • MOST COMFORTABLE SUPPORT SOCKS! LIGHTWEIGHT, BREATHABLE, ELASTIC and offering the COMFORT of a cotton sock pair, our foot compression socks make a SNUG-FITTING, ODOR-FREE foot sleeve pair that prevents bacteria growth. Wear them at WORK, your TRAINING SESSIONS and all your out and about and enjoy peerless comfort and support your feet will LOVE!


Shipping Time

USA: 2-3 Weeks

CANADA: 16-26 Days

Australia: 2-3 Weeks

UK: 20-40 Days

FRANCE: 2-3 weeks

GERMANY: 20-40 Days

Feel free to contact us for Shipping time for your country. 

Item Type: Sock
Gender: Men - Woman
Thickness: Standard
Model Number: D-SU02Y
Sock Type: Casual
Material: Nylon
High: Ankle

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