Sexy Neoprene Hot Capri Leggings Weight Loss Shapewear


Sexy Neoprene Hot Capri Leggings Weight Loss Shapewear are sports clothes and daily use designed neoprene increases body temperature helping the body to sweat more than other sports garments and daily use.  

It is designed to sweat more, increasing body heat and helping you lose weight and measurements. The hot slimming women's neoprene pants can be used comfortably during their workouts, hiking or daily tasks at home. The polyester lining absorbs moisture, the inner layer of neoprene.

Retains body heat accelerating metabolism and sweating while its outer nylon lining provides a smooth, slippery surface that lets you use your hot slimming women's neoprene pants comfortably below other clothes. The thin and elastic seams are very discreet and resilient.

To achieve fast and effective results it is recommended to supplement the use of this garment with proper nutrition, exercise routines and abundant hydration.


  • Increases maximum sweating.
  • Help lose weight and reduction measures.
  • Helps improve personal well-being.


It is recommended to wash it after each use, particularly after exercising. Hand wash in cold water with a soft detergent. Squeeze out and drain. DO NOT tumble dry, DO NOT wring and DO NOT Iron your Neoprene Body Shaper Waist Trainer Weight Loss Shapewear.


For better results, wear it every day even if you are not exercising, the more you use your Body Hot Shaper the better result you'll get. We suggest that wearing the Body Hot Shaper should be complemented with a healthy diet and good hydration. **The product smells a little bit at first but the smell will disappear after 2-3 washings.

Sexy Neoprene Hot Capri Leggings Weight Loss Shapewear Pants Occasions:  Tennis, Yoga, Dance, Volleyball, Gym, etc

Features: Slim Fit, Neoprene Pants, Hot Control, Burning Fat


Package Includes:

1 x Body Shaping Control Burning Fat Pants


Sexy Neoprene Hot Capri Leggings Weight Loss Shapewear Sizes


Handle and Shipping Time: Handle Time 2-3 days

Shipping: Free Shipping 

USA: 4-13 Days

Canada: 13-28 Days

United Kingdom: 20-40 Days

Germany: 21-47 

France: 14-17days

Netherlands: 12-15 days

Australia: 20-41 days

New Zealand 13-20 days

For other countries: 22-38 Days


Feel free to ask us about the delivery time in your country.


Item Type: Shapers
Gender: Women
Shapewear: Control Panties
Thickness: Standard
Material: Polyester Blends, Polyester
Fabric Type: Broadcloth
Decoration: None
Control Level: Firm
Material: neoprene
shapewear: waist cinchers
Color: Black
Year: 2017 hot shapers
Design Detail: one-piece design
Packet: 1 pcs body shaper
Gender: Women

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